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Guidance for managing Child Protection/Child in Need multi-agency meetings

The partnership has agreed the roles of note taker and chair in Child Protection Core Group meetings and Child in Need multi-agency meetings will be separate and will be shared across the whole group – so they are not the responsibility of the social worker only.  

The expectation is that professionals involved in these groups will offer to either chair or take the notes from the meetings. The note taker will only need to take notes in the meeting, these will be typed up formally afterwards by an administrator in Children’s Social Care.  

To support you in these roles, the group has developed a standard notes template and agenda, which includes guidance for the chair.

It is also recommended that the groups adopt the following good practice:

Note Taking:

  1. Updates to actions are summarised in a concise way (there is no need to document every word which is said during the meeting)
  2. Note takers will use the note template
  3. Individuals keep a record of their own actions and any changes to work they have agreed to within the discussion.
  4. The updated actions are copied and shared on the day with all attending members of the group.
  5. For absent members of the group, a scanned copy of the updated actions can be sent through secure email as soon as possible, if absent members of the group have not had the updated document they have a responsibility to pursue this.
  6. That the note taker for the next meeting is agreed at the end of the meeting.


  1. The meeting is chaired in an informal and friendly way, where possible and the needs of the child/children subject to the plan are considered at all times through discussion and review. The chair will ensure that the voice of the child/children in question is heard throughout the meeting.
  2. The chair is agreed at the end of the meeting. The chair is not the same person who takes the notes.
  3. The chair will use the meeting agenda template
  4. The chair will expect other members of the group to contribute in a constructive and supportive way.

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East