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Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East


Cheshire East SCP is responsible for co-ordinating the safeguarding and child protection work of every agency, in any sector, that works with children within our Local Authority boundaries.

It is crucial that as professionals we work together effectively, efficiently and decisively across agency boundaries - and especially so when we believe a child is at risk.

In this section of the site we have created a comprehensive and continually updated resource for anyone involved in providing children's services, whether in an employed, self employed or voluntary capacity.

You can find here the protocol on professional visitors to schools (PDF, 309KB)


Act Now Conference

The 2019 CESCB Children and Young People's Act Now Conference will take place in July following the success of the previous conference which was at held at Canalside Conference Centre, Middlewich, on 12 July 2017 and was a HUGE SUCCESS for everyone involved! Every presentation was so inspiring for children and young people. You can view the key themes shown in the presentations by viewing the following documents.

  1. Looking out for others by Middlewich High School (PowerPoint, 365KB)
  2. Youth Network by Poynton High School (PDF, 669KB), including the Poynton pride Mini Quiz (PowerPoint, 924KB)
  3. CSE Radio Show by St Thomas Moore High School (PDF, 276KB)
  4. Missing by Sandbach School

Multi agency practice standards

Multi agency practice standards (PDF, 392KB) have been developed across Cheshire East, to improve practice.  Effective multi agency working and sharing information between agencies is essential in securing improved outcomes for children and young people.  This is well documented in a number of reviews, policy documentation and statutory guidance.

These multi agency practice standards establish one way of working across Cheshire East, so that we can provide a consistently good service to children and young people. They set the standard for practice for all practitioners, so everyone can know what to expect from all workers involved with a family. This will allow practitioners to ensure their work is of a good standard, and to challenge other workers on behalf of children and young people where the standards are not being met.

Induction opportunities

All practitioners are encouraged to take advantage of the induction opportunities (PDF, 2018KB) on offer.

Learning from audit

The Local Safeguarding Children's Partnership undertakes as part of the Learning and Improvement Framework (LIF) a series of multi agency audits per year. An audit on Children Living with Mental Health issues is taking place May/June 2019.

The learning from this is valuable as it provides an opportunity to quality assure the work that is undertaken with children and families.

Audits are undertaken to ensure policies and procedures are being followed correctly to ensure children and families are receiving the best possible service from all partner agencies.

The audit is shared widely with professionals and families.  Please find the last audits we completed below.


Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East