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Single agency training

Staff and volunteers require training to help them safeguard and promote the welfare of children effectively. This includes being able to recognise when a child may require safeguarding and knowing what to do in response to concerns about the welfare of a child. Practitioners must also be able to work effectively with others both within their own agency and across organisational boundaries. This will be best achieved by a combination of single agency and multi-agency training.

  • Single agency training which is training carried out by a particular agency for its own staff
  • Multi-agency training, which is for employees of different agencies who either work together formally or come together for training or development.

The Learning and Improvement sub group recognises the current need to ensure that a number of basic awareness courses are available to professionals who do not currently have any other access to safeguarding training and are committed to ensuring that the needs of these individuals are met.

The expectation is that organisations will work to develop basic awareness training and where appropriate specialist service specific training, appropriate to the specific area of their work. The CESCP Training and Development Manager will work with agencies to assist with the design of these programs. Further standards for specialist areas such as C.S.E and Neglect are in development.

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Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East