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Training courses


Follow the links for more information and to register for Teams access:

DateCourse titleLink
21/05/2024 Trio of Vulnerabilities Register here to access Trio of Vulnerabilities webinar


10am - 2pm

Fundamental Safeguarding Register here to access Fundamental Safeguarding webinar


10am - 4pm

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Register here to access Safeguarding Children with Disabilities webinar


ACES and Trauma Informed Practices Register here to access ACES and trauma informed practices webinar
10/07/204 Working Together 2024 summary Register here to access Working Together webinar

Short online training - automatic invites

DateCourse title
30/05/2024 LCSPR updates: Partnership essential learning for everyone - a timely update on all the latest news from your Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership
05/06/2024 How to… Work with Elective Home Education with the Attendance and Children Out of School Team
12/06/2024 Spotlight on… Your Youth Justice Service
18/06/2024 How to… Recognise Intelligence with the Police Intelligence Service
19/06/2024 Spotlight on… The Inclusion Quality Team
20/06/2024 LCSPR updates: essential partnership learning for everyone

In-person events

Follow the links for more information and to book your place:

Date & timeCourse titleVenueLink


9.30am - 4pm

Child Protection Processes Oakenclough Family Hub Register here to attend Child Protection Processes in person at Oakenclough Family Hub
11/06/2024 LADO – Managing Allegations Macclesfield Town Hall Register to attend LADO in person at Macclesfield Town Hall
13/06/2024 Online Safety Live: explore latest guidance on digital safeguarding for children. Please also see attached flyer Oakenclough Family Hub

Online Safety Live - free tickets, 09:30-11:30 | Eventbrite

Online Safety Live - free tickets, 13:30-15:30 | Eventbrite

26/06/2024 Pan-Cheshire event: Centre of Excellence on Child Sexual Abuse: roadshow Sandbach Town Hall Register here to attend CSA event at Sandbach Town Hall
04/07/2024 GCP2: using the NSPCC tool for neglect Oakenclough Family Hub Register here to attend GCP2 course in person at Oakenclough Family Hub
09/07/2024 Harmful Sexual Behaviours: ERASE Tool Oakenclough Family Hub Register here to attend HSB in person at Oakenclough Family Hub

Request an invite

Opportunities to join training hosted by our partner organisations

Date & timeCourse titleVenueLink



Resources, Tools & Programmes to Reduce Parental Conflict [hosted by CE Social Care] Online Email:



Change, Grow, Live (CGL): Parental Substance Misuse [hosted by CGL] Online Email:



Pan-Cheshire Event: Responding to Sexual Assault & Violence [hosted by SARC & RASASC] Online Email:

Help us to help you

an appeal for mutual support by polite request …

The training team and guest expert presenters dedicate time and effort putting together a consistent and reliable offer that is as easy as possible for everyone to access. Unfortunately, we sometimes find practitioners may book onto the longer courses and then without reason or notice, do not attend [this does not apply to automatic invites where you can choose to join the session or not].


The multi-agency nature of the learning space is what makes the CESCP training opportunity significant and valuable. Withdrawing from a course without notice is not fair for the presenters nor the attendees who expect the booked number to join them. It also impacts those who couldn’t attend due to limitations on the booking numbers e.g. for ‘in-person’ events, room size and capacity are factors.


However, we do understand that unforeseeable issues may arise which affect individuals who fully intend to participate and then later find they can’t for whatever reason. In all circumstances, we politely request that:

  • Every effort is made to fulfil the booking commitment where your learning is also prioritised by your line manager and team.
  • The reason for non-attendance is given prior to the course starting (preferably days in advance if known). This will help us to gain an understanding of the types of difficulties that practitioners are experiencing when trying to access their booked learning, for us to then consider more holistically how recurring issues with non-attendance may be resolved.

By collecting this information from the non-attendee and their line manager where applicable, we anticipate everyone will be enabled to get the most out of the dedicated opportunities that support our joined-up professional development.


Contact the Training Team

Training Administrator: - for all course/booking queries or cancellations -  this email address is monitored regularly.

Training Manager:

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East