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Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East

Violence at home

Domestic Abuse is where one grown-up hurts or bullies another person who they are in a relationship with. Sometimes it carries on even when the relationship is over.

Children and young people can be involved in two ways:

  • They might be harmed, upset or afraid when it's happening to their mum, dad or carer;
  • They might be going out with somebody who's hurting them.

It is really important to know:

  • It is not your fault
  • You have a right to be safe in your home or relationship
  • there are people who can help
  • It is good to talk about what's hurting you as otherwise things get bottled up and might affect you more
  • You're not the only one.  domestic abuse happens a lot but many people think it is just them and so don't know how to get help.

If you are concerned for yourself or someone you care about, here are some things you can do:

  • Talk to an adult you trust, that might be someone in your family or at school;
  • Visit The Hideout to access a website designed for children and young people;
  • If violence is happening move to safe place, like a bedroom or a neighbours house;
  • If you are frightened call 999.  the police are there to protect everyone.

Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East