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Keep safe

The NSPCC launched the PANTS song and animation to help protect children from sexual abuse. 

You can view this on the NSPCC website:

You may remember that the NSPCC launched the PANTS campaign three years ago to provide support to parents to enable them to talk to their children about staying safe without even having to use the term sexual abuse.   The campaign is based on a Council of Europe initiative called The Underwear Rule and developed this to form the PANTS acrostic with each letter representing a safety message:

                                                P – Privates are private

                                                A – Always remember your body belongs to you

                                                N – No means no

                                                T – Talk about secrets that upset you

                                                S -  Speak up, someone can help.

Since the start of the campaign, we’ve helped over 400,000 parents talk to their children about sexual abuse.  We have developed a range of materials that can be used with young children.


Keeping safe

Here are some useful leaflets you can read, download, or print:-

  • Come out and say it (PDF, 421KB)  is a leaflet that answer questions you might have about gender, sexuality and identity
  • Who looks after you? (PDF, 776KB)
  • In Cheshire East there is a Drug and Alcohol Issues advice service run by the NHS that you can self refer to. For more information please refer to our drug problem or alcohol problem pages.
  • Talk to Frank is a national confidential advice service if you want to talk to someone about a drug issue.
  • The Big Deal website, which is operated through their funder the National Treatment Provider - GamCare is a website specifically targeted at young people and gives them a variety of information to support those who are at risk at becoming problematic in their gambling behaviour or indeed those who are experiencing problematic gambling.  Young people's information leaflets with regard to this subject can be downloaded from this website: The Big Deal Website or the main GamCare Website.
  • SWGfL - Empower Children, Eliminate Bullying: We have great pleasure in announcing the brand new and FREE Anti Bullying Resource Enable. Behind the scenes the team has been very busy working with partners like the Diana Awards and other partners across Europe in developing a FREE resource pack for students, teachers, parents and campaigners in the battle to eliminate bullying in all its forms. The resource is free of charge and breaks down into a number of elements, it educates staff/students and parents/carers about what bullying is, how to deal with it and practical measures that can be put in place to prevent it happening and minimise the impact on an individual.

    There is also an amazing peer support program encouraging students to reflect on their behaviour and ultimately create a culture where students speak out about bullying, support each other and respect each other’s differences.  To find out more, and to access the resources please visit Enable.


Keeping Children Safe in Cheshire East